Social Office of the Vincentian Fathers - 2016

طباعةأرسل إلى صديق

Social Office of the Vincentian Fathers - 2016

Father Ziad Haddad (Vincentian Fathers Regional visitor of the East)
In 2008, by divine providence, some regular visitors of the Miraculous Medal Basilica in Ashrafieh met with the Vincentian Fathers and established the Social Office in order to respond to the needs knocking at our doors.
The Social Office adopted the spirituality of St Vincent de Paul who used to say: “Love is creative to infinity”. We were created by this love that we had for each other and that we experienced in our lives, the Love of God for each one of us. We tried to convey it to those people who knocked at our doors.

Micheline Khattar (Volunteer)
We also make monthly home visits to the people who cannot come to us, mainly elderly people who need food baskets and medicine. They wait for us, not only to get their material needs, but to be together in prayer, in friendship. We talk about God, we talk about their problems and needs.

His Eminence Msgr. Gabriele Caccia (Apostolic Nuncio to Lebanon)
Love is creative; it seems to me that this office is infinitely creative as well. With that much skills and so many dedicated people who spend time and energy to do what they do. I encourage you to move forward, knowing that the greatest reward is not on earth but in Heaven. God is more generous than we are. 

Father Ziad Haddad cm.  
I’m happy For the fourth consecutive year we gather with many friends of the Social Office of Vincentian Fathers in Ashrafieh. Today in the presence of His Eminence the Apostolic Nuncio we are inaugurating the Patchwork exhibition, product of a whole year’s efforts by a volunteer, Mrs. Mona Choucair. We can only be happy today as each item we buy here will not only decorate our house but will assist a family or a person or a child and give them the chance to celebrate Christmas with Joy.

Michel Fadel (Pianist and Composer)
For the third consecutive year I take part in a concert here at the Lazarists’ convent Vincentian Fathers’ house. I am very happy and would like to invite all artists to contribute with their art to bringing joy to people’s lives.

Father Ziad Haddad cm.
In the last 8 years the social office led numerous projects. One of these projects was launched in 2010 in cooperation with Caritas Austria and Caritas Lebanon-Migrant Center. We called it “Beth Aleph”. It targets foreign children living in Lebanon. I am talking here about the poor, house workers, workers at petrol stations, concierges, workers at cleaning companies, people we often forget or whom we don’t fully respect. Today, I am very proud to say that the social office is taking care of their children. We launched this schooling project to ensure them an appropriate education.


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