Welcome to Beth Aleph

Welcome to "Beth Aleph", a school project founded in Ashrafiyeh - Beirut in 2010.


Father Ziad HADDAD In the last eight years, the Social Office led numerous projects. One of these projects was launched in 2010 in cooperation with Caritas Austria and Caritas Lebanon - Migrant Center. We called it "Beth Aleph". It targets foreign children living in Lebanon.
I am talking here about the poor, house workers, workers at petrol stations, concierges, workers at cleaning companies, people we often forget or whom we don't fully respect. Today, I am very proud to say that the Social Office is taking care of their children. we launched this schooling project to ensure them an appropriate education.


Suzanne ABI GHANEM One of "Beth Aleph" objectives is to ensure education to these foreign children, regardless of their background race or religion. This year we achieved a very important objective which was to raise children's learning about their rights. We chose some of the right declared by UNICEF member States such as the right to education, the right to have a house and family, the right to have a name and identity, the right to health nutrition and healthy growth, the right to play, the right to have friends.
"Beth Aleph" is giving the opportunity for these children to ensure a better future and to fulfill their dreams. We hope that this education and the years they spent here at "Beth Aleph" will lead them towards a brighter future.

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